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Welcome to the National Viola and Pansy Society website! It's still being updated and improved so please bear with us - if you find any broken links or would like to comment or make suggestions, please contact us.

Member Peter Wilde has sent me a large number of photographs and descriptions which have been incorporated into the plant profiles section, and last year's Journal and Newsletter have been added.

It is hoped that the website will be a source of information to members and non-members in two main ways: firstly, by making recent Journals and Newsletters available online (and cross-referenced), and secondly by providing illustrated plant profiles and histories to help in the identification of cultivars and to encourage the wider growing of these lovely plants.

The society has been conducting a census of varieties grown by members - from this, it is hoped to identify those that are perhaps at risk of being lost from cultivation - especially in view of the relinquishing of the National Collection by Morris May. If you would like to participate in this, please contact the Secretary

"These lowly plants are amongst the most floriferous, most showy, most pleasantly fragrant flowers in the outdoor garden"
From the introduction to 'Pansies, Violas and Violets' by William Cuthbertson, JP, written in 1910.

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