National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Autumn 1995

King's Heath Show - 2nd / 3rd September 1995.

The hot dry summer took its toll of blooms, and without the efforts of Pat and Karl Tipping and Stephen Leigh, there would have been very little for the public to see in the way of flowers. The final display was not as large as in previous years, but there was enough to show what determined growers can do even in the most difficult circumstances.

Pat Tipping benched two good examples of Jack Frost and these were the only two Fancy pansies of any real merit. Stephen Leigh managed to stage some good examples of Violas Mina Walker and Catherine Williams. Stephen also dominated the Class for 12 stems with three good exhibits of "Silver Bride," "Angela" and that fine bedding variety "Gladys Finlay". Pat Tipping managed an equally imposing display in the Species Class, taking the first three places.

This show is really the Society's "Open Day" where the general public can see what we do, and hopefully join. A good display does not happen without hard work. Again, Pat and Karl Tipping toiled with the staging, and Stephen Leigh decorated the stand with photographs, paintings and his spare blooms. The overall effect appeared to interest the public, and eight new members joined the Society. The stand was looked after by Gerald Barber, Pauline Christopher and Stephen Leigh, and Tom Mantle, who also judged, and his wife.

Much interest was shown in the small basket display, and it is hoped that we might include a Basket Class in next year's show.

Stephen Leigh was presented with the Ted Hazleton Trophy for the most points in all classes, and the show came to a close. Sadly the end of another year, but the start of the next, as we begin to propagate from our stock. We must hope that our new members will find some blooms to stage in 1996.

Autumn 1995

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