National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Autumn 1995

NVPS Annual Show

Uplands Allotments, 22nd July 1995.

A total of 14 exhibitors put up 87 exhibits at this year's show. Despite pre-show reservations about the effect of heat on bloom size, Pat Tipping and Stephen Leigh managed to bench some quality Exhibition Violas and Fancy Pansies, Pat's board of 12 Fancy pansies taking the best exhibit award. Although exhibits in these classes were down in number, with the founding of the Society's own collection and increased distribution of varieties, it is hoped that the benches may groan under the weight of exhibits in the near future.

With 13 entries, the bedding viola class looked strong and full of reliable varieties. Congratulations to St. Clare's School for their 1st and 2nd in the bedding pansy section. Show pansies were in fair form, and perhaps there may be enough varieties and interest to introduce a 12 class for them in future shows.

Seedlings are thin on the ground and we should be looking to raising and improving varieties as well as maintaining old ones. How long is it since a new Fancy Pansy received a certificate and a name?

Fred Owen won the Novice Cup on his first outing and as his collection grows, I am sure that we shall see many more exhibits from him. Heather Wilson journeyed from Gloucestershire to stage some commendable entries, and retained the E A Clack Memorial Cup for Class 16. Stephen Leigh managed the only 24 board and Joan Stacey took the red card m the 3 bloom class, against stiff opposition of 7 entries.

We owe a great deal to Tom Mantle for his efficient and expert judging; we need to learn from his wealth of experience in order to produce future judges of a high standard. Tom Pitt presented his teapot to Stephen Leigh for his work for the Society, and charmed visitors with his wit and wisdom.

Shows such as ours were once known as 'Florists' Feasts', and thanks to Pauline Leigh and Joan Stacey's work in the kitchen a high level of refreshments was available to both exhibitor and visitor. Christopher Leigh has put much effort into making video diaries of both the 1994 and 1995 Shows. Copies are available on loan from the Secretary.

We look forward to next year, hopefully increasing the quality and quantity of both exhibits and exhibitors.

Autumn 1995

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