National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Autumn 1996

A Visit to the National Collection.

Ian and Sue Pickup of Bristol made the journey to Chertsey to see the collection in its new home and were good enough to record their visit.

"Mr May has only recently taken over the derelict nursery which was quite large but very run down. He has repaired two greenhouses between which the violas were displayed in 10 inch pots. We thought it quite impressive to turn the corner and see the violas blooming in vast rows and the scent was lovely.

"In the future, Mr May intends to renovate the display area to show off the plants to better effect. He remains in contact with Mr Cawthorne, who continues to visit. Unfortunately, some of the rarer varieties were under lock and key as some visitors ( I trust not Society members. ed.) had stripped the plants of cuttings. Mr May was very helpful and answered all our many questions."

Some members may have received the 1996/97 catalogue supplement. it is a worthwhile read with an excellent coloured identification centrefold. It also lists 6 new varieties and lists the Open Days for 1997.

For those members who do not know the address: -

'Planta Vera'
Lyne Hill Nursery
Farm Close
Lyne Crossing Road
Tel: 01932 563011

Autumn 1996

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