National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Autumn 1996

Plant Distribution 1997


I am able to offer a limited range of varieties for the 1997 season, so that members who wish to add to their collection may have some degree of choice. As always, I am sure that demand will exceed supply, so in order to spread the varieties as widely as possible, I must ask that members select no more than 6 varieties, available as single plants. An order form is enclosed, please do not send any money with the order, you will be invoiced when your plants arrive.

Price: 1.50 per plant inclusive of postage and packing.

Please note that the last date I can accept orders is 30th November 1996.

Show Pansies

Exhibition Violas

Penelope Lesley Keay
Wendy Alice Wood
Ada Jackson

Fancy Pansies

Moseley Ideal
Bernard Cox Cox's Moseley
Bishop's Belle Alice Wood
Elizabeth McCallum R N Denby
Jessie Taylor Betty Dale
Peggy Brookes H H Hodge
Mina Walker

Bedding Violas suitable for exhibition.

David Wheldon
James Pilling

I am aiming to post plants out during the first 2 weeks of April 1997.

Autumn 1996

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