National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Autumn 1996


The start of the Scottish Shows at Glasgow Evergreen, saw John Johnson from Prestwick following up his success at the Association mini-show by winning the Championship Class and the Evergreen Award (for Best Exhibit in section) for a board of 12 Fancy Pansies. Tom McLatchie of Mauchline won the display with Malcolm Macgregor of Ayr, second. Entries were well down, with only two or three entries per class. A few only had single entries as people held back for Ayr the following week.

Considering the cold damp weather beforehand, the Ayr show was a tremendous success. For the first time, the Display Class had four entries. John Hamilton of Ochiltree was the well deserved winner. He included 41 varieties of bedding violas, 15 cornutas, 6 species, 4 Show Pansies. 4 Exhibition Violas, 1 Fancy Pansy and a couple of Garden Pansies in a superb display. He also, almost single-handed, set up the Association display which included an old style basket and vases, a 24 board of Fancy Pansies and over 100 varieties..

All classes were well contested, up to nine entries in the single classes. John Hamilton won the Scottish Championship with the following: -
Fancy Pansies: 'Elizabeth McCallum', 'Gary Carid', 'Bishop's Belle', 'George A Close', 'Joan Christie' and 'Bishop's Gold'.
Show Pansies: 'John Rodger', 'Sybil', 'Tom', 'Ann', 'Lynn', 'Penelope'.
Violas: 'Ada Jackson', 'Jimmie's Dark', 'Sarah Binnie', 'Helen W Cochrane', 'Alice Wood', 'Mina Walker'.

John also won the Best Bloom in show with a Helen W Cochrane in the single bloom Viola class but was pipped by John Johnson in the well contested Centenary Class.

Overall, the William Watson Davidson Memorial Cup for most points, went to John Hamilton, with Jimmy Henderson of Lanark runner-up. The John Eadie Trophy for the Novice section was won by John Jackson of Lanark, Rose Macgregor of Ayr coming second. Other Exhibition varieties included: -
Fancy Pansies: 'Jessie Taylor', 'Elizabeth Leake', 'Joe Millet', 'Mary Wylie', 'David Rhodes', 'Elizabeth Christie' and 'Bernard Cox'.
Show Pansies: 'Blackfaulds Gem', 'Lorna', 'Jessie', 'June' and 'Wendy'.
Violas: 'Farewell', 'Hugh Campbell' (both Williams), 'Mrs George Robb', 'Kathleen Hoyle', 'Betty Dale', 'R N Denby', 'Moseley Ideal', 'Agnes Cochrane' and 'William Fyfe'.

Malcolm Macgregor

Autumn 1996

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