National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Autumn 1997

Awards to Blooms.

One of the aims of the Society is to "Encourage the raising of new varieties of exhibition and bedding types of Violas arid Pansies, and award First Class Certificates and Awards of Merit to cultivars that reach the standard" This had gone into decline as the Society struggled in years past. Now that we are once again in the ascendant, the Council consider it appropriate that we should encourage members to produce new cultivars and present them for awards. Therefore member who wish to submit seedlings may do so on May 12th and June 16th 1998. Blooms (more than one of each variety if possible) should be posted to the Secretary to reach him on either of these dates with the following information:

 type - e.g. Exhibition
 viola name or seedling reference
 date of raising
 details of the cross - seed parent x pollen parent.

As we are a florist society, blooms will be judged against the standard for each variety; a copy of which is included with this newsletter.

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