National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Autumn 1997

Plant Distribution 1998

As I write, I am nursing two freshly broken ribs, something of a disaster in the middle of propagation! I am afraid that this means very few plants will be available. New members are assured of their plants as I have them growing away. If members have any gaps in their collections, and would care to let me know the names of the desired varieties by 30th November 1997, I will endeavour to supply a plant or two, but this is by no means a definite promise.

The new classes for Show Pansies require the growing of at least three varieties. Member who intend to show are invited to contact me by the end of November and I should be able to provide plants. In the event of demand exceeding supply, I shall give priority to those members who have shown in the previous two years.

This is bound to cause some disapointment however, considering the large number of plants sent out in the last two yearn I hope that by good management them are now a number of reasonable collections in members' gardens.

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