National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Autumn 1997

At the Shows


Such a large event, and yet only two classes for violas and pansies; a board of six and a basket. I am always intrigued by the ingenuity of exhibitors in constructing their boards. Over the years I have seen some real works of craftsmanship alongside barely disguised ice cream containers, and worst of all a piece of hardboard with the yoghurt pots clearly visible underneath! The basket class shows much originality, but here the staging is of a consistently acceptable standard. Pauline Rees, a member from Were, regularly shows in this class, and again this year 'got in the cards' with a heart-shaped basket filled to the brim with a delightful collection of garden violas. I chose this year to construct a large basket of exhibition varieties with moss and fern, such as used to be a regular feature at Southport in its heyday. It took me much longer to construct than I intended and took around 50 blooms to fill. My greatest pleasure however, was to take the red card in the board class with my own seedling Fancy Pansy Mrs C M Snocken.

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