Plant Profiles - B

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v. 'Baby Blue' v. 'Baby Lucy' 'Barbara' vtta 'Beatrice' v. 'Bella' v.c. 'Belmont Blue' v. bertolonii 'Beshlie'
'Baby Blue' 'Baby Lucy' 'Barbara' 'Beatrice' 'Bella' V.c.'Belmont Blue' V. bertolonii 'Beshlie'
'Betty Dale' v.c. 'Blue Moon' 'Blue Moonlight' v.c. 'Belmont Blue' 'Bullion' violetta Buttercup v.c. 'Butterpat' 'Buxton Blue'
'Betty Dale' V.c.'Blue Moon' V.c.'Blue Moonlight' V.c. 'Boughton Blue' 'Bryony' 'Bullion' 'Buttercup' V.c.'Butterpat' 'Buxton Blue'

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