[Exhibition] Viola 'Catherine Williams'

Raiser: Unknown

Year: l950's

Colour: Cream edged mauve

General: There has been much debate over this variety and Kathleen Williams. It appears that we are now settled on Catherine as the deeper cream with the much more distinctive mauve edge. When well grown (especially by Pat Tipping) this shows as a most desirable variety, and we have seen some good vases in recent years. However, early blooms do have a tendency to throw rays. By florist standards the eye is not as clean cut as it should be; a tendency that it passes on to its offspring.

Cultivation: Does not take well to pots, where the growth hardens and slows after the first two or three blooms. In good allotment soil I have seen the complete opposite with fine blooms coming from two-year-old plants with plenty of vigour.

[Neither name is offered in the 2000/1 RHS Plantfinder. In 1999, 'Catherine' was available from Malcolm McGregor, near Ayr, who no longer appear as suppliers. 'Kathleen' has not been offered since the 1990/1 season].

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