[Exhibition] Viola 'Farewell'

Raiser: James Rutherford

Year: late 1950's

Colour: Cream, edged mauve

General: A pleasing variety that always does its best to give good bloom in quantity. I consider it superior to the variety that it most resembles; 'Lesley Keay'. The reason being that it produces good sized blooms more consistently over a longer period. The petals are silky and of reasonable substance, but I find them best on a board.


Cultivation: Requires restricting to 3 or 4 shoots as it is a vigorous grower. Always produces enough cutting material, and responds well to a little top dressing late in the season. The colour margin is well defined in early season blooms, but it does tend to run if the plant is overfed.

Exhibition Viola - profile by John Snocken.

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