Joseph Arthur Jackson 1902 - 2000

The third generation of Jackson to be a specialist pansy and viola, Joseph spent the whole of his life in the village of Kettleshulme. The record of his work for the local community and church includes an amazing array of responsibility and achievement. Caretaker of the village hall and local councillor, he was to secure a playing field, housing, and what may now be taken for granted, a water supply and sewerage system. Remarkable achievements in themselves, and a testament to his vitality and commitment to community and village life.

As I found from personal experience, the door was always open, and a hospitable welcome from Joseph and Evelyn guaranteed. In conversation he warmed to the subject of violas and pansies, and proved that he never relaxed the rigid florists' standards that he applied to all blooms. Anything that lacked good form or had not been rigidly selected in breeding was dismissed with a withering "All mongrels". This truly gentle man was a source of wisdom and knowledge to a would be florist such as myself Kettleshulme will be poorer for his passing, and I finish this small tribute with the quotation from Homer that the local press used to close his obituary:

'He was a friend to man, and he lived by the side of the road'

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