I hope that, as both Secretary and Editor have managed to achieve a balance and reflect this in the Society's journals. I am firmly in favour of maintaining Florist traditions, but accept that in order to survive, and hopefully flourish, we have to take a fully catholic stand. To this end the Society is developing much closer links with The Violet Society and The American Violet Society. This means that we will receive information on species, sweet violets and a host of others that fall outside our domain of the violas and pansies in the Melanium Section. On their part, the two Societies are devoting more space and time to our main interests. These contacts have come initially via the Internet, and I have already mentioned in this edition the valuable work done by Su Floyd in this context.

There are two excellent websites:-

For those who are unable to get access to these I can offer printed copies of the Violet Society Journal. I have posted out a number of copies of the Autumn edition to members. If you did not receive one and would like to, please let me know and I will put you on the Spring Mailing List

Such co-operation can only benefit all concerned, and I hope that you will agree that this has been a real step forward for the Society.


These remain at 4.00. Quite a few members contact me to ask when they should pay. A 2001 Subscription renewal will be sent out with the Spring newsletter.

Show Date 2001

At the A.G.M. in March it was decided that the committee needed to meet only two or three times a year. Thus did we convene in June in Eardington Village Hall. Business was conducted swiftly and the decisions made were:-

1) To apply for a Society stand at the Malvern Show.

ii) To commission a set of good quality cards depicting named violas and pansies.

iii) To produce an up-to-date cultural guide for garden violas.

A small "Show" was held with the specific purpose of reaching concensus on judging standards. It was noted that the quality of blooms was of a much better standard than is usual at the Annual Show in July. Therefore it was decided to hold the 2001 Show on the corresponding date. So please note the much earlier date

Saturday 16th June 2001

The venue will remain St Johns Church, Harborne.

Full details will appear in the Spring Newsletter.

Inter Society Links

This Society began as a "Florist Society", and as such devoted the majority of its energies to those who grew for exhibition. A reading from any of our yearbooks from the early twentieth century will show little or nothing on the subject of species or garden varieties. In the last few years there has been a marked rise in membership, and a greater number of those new members showing interest in the whole genus viola.

Plant Distribution

As usual I will be posting out parcels of plants to new members at Eastertide 2001.

Colin Andrews article on a census of varieties within the members' collections led me to thinking about supply and demand, and the logical conclusion from knowing who grows what would be to put those members who wished to exchange plants in touch with one another. This would be another positive step forward.

In this context Mr Nash, a member in Oxfordshire, has kindly undertaken to grow plants for the Society. I shall be sending him stock plants of all the garden varieties that I grow, and this will give the Society another bank on which to draw in the future.


Will take place in March. Members will be informed of date and venue in the New Year. However, after last year's very poor response there are no plans for anything other than business. Should I get a more positive response, then it would be possible to arrange some plant sales and entertainment.

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