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National Viola and Pansy Society
Journal 2001

International Register

I have mentioned before that our society has made a contribution to the compilation of the International Register of cultivar names for the genus viola. This has been part of a greater campaign instigated and led by the American Violet Society. Work continues, and Peter Robinson in Kent has the unenviable task of collating all the information that people such as I drop upon him in large doses. The spirit of cooperation is wonderful, even if the typing is not. If you are raising andy new varieties of viola or pansy then do please let me know. There is a little bit of form filling to do, the outcome of which is a place in the register and a certificate. Most important is that valuable knowledge will be stored for posterity. It is a very sad thing to say but while compiling the bedding viola section I cannot put a date to the majority of the cultivars, nor the parentage, nor even the raiser's name, although my research continues, and does throw up the odd nugget. However future generations should benefit from this work, and confusion of nomenclature, which is often down to lack of definite recording, should fade. On a personal note I was delighted to be asked to be part of the team. From the society's point of view it is yet another opportunity to live up to our National title.

Journal 2001

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