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National Viola and Pansy Society
Journal 2001


My first job is to apologise for the format of this year's journal. I am afraid that continuing ill health has not allowed me to produce the usual booklet, or any illustrations. I hope that everyone will bear with me, as I considered this better than no communication at all.

I trust that all members have had a good growing season, and I can see from the Census returns that as a society that we are growing and conserving a wide range of violas. The society has had another year in which its fortunes have improved. The sales of both cards and the James Simkins reprint have gone well. Our display at Malvern was well received, and the annual show saw the benches as full as I can remember. There was also a successful AGM at which a healthy turnout gave credence to the title. I am proposing that the 2002 AGM will take a similar format, the same venue in Bridgnorth. The provisional date is Saturday 30th March. Full details will be circulated in the new year. I hope that you will note this in the diary which accompanies this publication and resolve if at all possible to attend.

I am glad to be able to write that not all of the articles have come from me, and I have to make my usual plea for more material. Please do not be shy, many people say to me that no one would be interested in what they have to say. To this I answer that we are a society that shares a common love of one genus, and as such we should share our thoughts and experiences through the main line of communication. Dark winter evenings are ideal for writing, and there is something to be said for concentrating on bright flowers when the trees are bare and the border colours are restricted.

So, once again my apologies, but I hope that you will find the contents interesting and informative. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time about anything related to violas and pansies.

John Snocken

Journal 2001

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