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National Viola and Pansy Society
Journal Spring 2003

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A Wet Morning, December

What a day, misty, a thin drizzle, the garden is soaked, the view through the window makes a miserable sight. All the jobs, which should have been done and have not been done, are now in full view. Nothing can be done about it until the ground dries, and that's a long way off. I don't know if I had a piece of string I would hang myself. What can the keen Viola grower do? "D.I.Y. you say" go and wash your mouth out. No I am better writing this rubbish, some one may read it and think, "that poor soul is worse off than me" and feel the better for it, and yes it is a good thing to spread a little happiness.

I feel better already. It is a miserable day, outside gardening is out of the question, work in the greenhouse is about up to date, other than having a look at the plants, always a worthwhile job, and I mean a proper look not just picking the odd dead leaf off.

Pick them up, turn them round, don't the leaves look great? a nice shine, green crisp, "beautiful" we hope. Your thoughts turn to the blooms how will they look? Brilliant! I cannot wait I am getting quite excited. Steady on lad, there are things to be done one is not quite up to date. What about those "fields of green" where battle will take place, come next June. (Old Simkins always good for a quote)

It is a long time till June you say, don't you believe it, come mid February when the days get noticeably longer and the light gets stronger, things start to move and all those seedlings and cuttings etc will require more attention than they need at the moment. So now is the time to think about those bits and pieces you will need come show time. You are Showing surely?

I have knocked up three boards for single blooms, and I hope to make two twelve's and a six. If you are starting out this is something you need not spend a lot of time worrying about, because I am sure our "Hon Sec" will sort you out, as he did me and no doubt a good few other folk. It may be you would like to show a few plants, but dread making a fool of yourself, natural, but mistaken, remember you will be with like minded people, fellow members, who had also to make a start, and want above all for the Show to be a success.

It is nice to get a card or two, but the show is not made by the winners alone, but by everyone who takes part. Have you seen the new schedule? Smashing - something for everyone.

All you need to do is turn up with your plants or blooms. I would advise getting to the show in good time, so you have time to settle in and arrange your exhibits without Rushing. See you there!

Happy Growing

John Towning