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National Viola and Pansy Society
Journal Spring 2003

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Society News

Annual Show 14th June 2003

All Members should have a copy of the Schedule. These were deliberately sent out early in order that plans could be made, potting up could be done and resolutions to attend and exhibit be clearly marked in their diaries.

This is our one "Show Off" day of the year; a chance to show just what is so special about these plants and flowers that have a Society dedicated to them. In previous years the main focus has been upon the Florist's Violas and Pansies that the Society was formed to promote. However, "tempora mutantus nos et mutamur in illis" and as a Society in recent years we have reflected the change in our publications, and now we really have made an effort with the Show. I have seen excellent plants full of bloom in member's gardens and in photographs. Please if at all possible this year, come to the Show and bring just one Exhibit. This could be the year in which we begin to build up the Show into the spectacle that it should be; something that we can publicise with confidence. The Show could easily become an event that would warrant media coverage and wide publicity.

The Society has made a number of changes, and taken some big steps in the last few years. To date this progress has proved successful and has enhanced the standing of the Society. The Annual Show is the next big step. The Australians have a fine idiom, which seems to fit my plea "Aw go on, be in it!"

The hall opens for staging at 9.OO a.m. There is always plenty of help for anyone new to the experience. Judging begins at 1.OO p.m., and if we are lucky the Show opens at 2.OO p.m. with the prize giving at 4.OO p.m.

One of the "old ways" that we have not changed is first class refreshments for exhibitors while judging is taking place.

If Birmingham on a Saturday seems daunting, well Harborne is not any worse that any small town high street. If you would like detailed directions and maps - please contact me and I will supply both.

It is very a friendly atmosphere, which I am sure you will enjoy if you have not already experienced it. Putting an exhibit on the bench is helping to make the Show. I look forward to our biggest and best so far, please come and join us.

If you need any more encouragement read through John Towning's article a few times.