[Exhibtion] Viola 'Mrs G. Robb'

Raiser: George Robb

Year: 1970's

Colour: White suffused mauve

General: A delightful flower, that although lacking the silky refinement of 'Ada Jackson' should be in every collection. It can produce 3 or 4 specimen blooms at once due to its vitality! The blooms are always well formed and are easy to stage. This makes it suitable for both board and vase classes. However I happen to think that it looks best in a basket.

Cultivation: An easy variety that produces plenty of cutting material from plants that are of medium growth. It is one of the few exhibition varieties that will stand cutting back, and produce a flush of basal shoots. The depth of colour suffusion depends upon light, too much shade or direct sunlight are both injurious. Really enjoys natural dappled shade.

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