[Exhibition] Viola 'R.N.DENBY'

Raiser: Unknown

Year: Post War but pre 1953

Colour: Pale lemon edged blue

General: Common to most edged varieties is the tendency for the colour on the edge to disappear: this variety is no exception. A 'make-up' variety that is rarely shown on its own or as a specimen, but rather to make-up the varieties on a 12 or 24 board. It is best suited to boards as its petal texture is a little thin.

Cultivation : A straggly grower, resulting in an untidy plant, rather early in the season. However, cutting material is not too difficult to find, and it has never been in danger of extinction. For breeding it has proved to be a good seed parent. Crossed with Ada Jackson in 1998, it produced 3 seedlings worthy of further trial from a healthy crop.

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