The Annual Show - 2000

The show was held a little earlier this year in the hope that we would not have to contend with the heat which damages the blooms. It worked! We had instead rain, wind and slugs to contend with. However there were exhibits in all of the major classes and this was a good thing as there was an increased number of visitors. A full report of the show will appear in the journal at the end of the year. The majority of the trophies, including most points and best exhibit were carried of by our Chairman Fred Owen. However it was not a clean sweep as he had to share the Easter Cup for violas and the bronze medal with Stephen Leigh. Ian Pickup took the Tom Pitt Memorial and Denis Fletcher the H. J. Milner novice cup. Thanks to all those who helped to make the show, Janette Warmer in the kitchen, Ruth Barber on the sales table, Tom Mantle for judging and last but not least Gerald Barber for running about everywhere and getting things done. Next year's show will be even earlier!

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