The Double Pansy

A little curiosity from the nineteenth century. If anything like this should turn up in your seedlings I would be delighted to hear about it.


The long-lost Double Purple Pansy has been frequently alluded to in our columns, and was figured and described in the 'Florist and Pomologist' of December last; but that our readers may form a correct idea of this highly ornamental plant, we have now the pleasure of giving them a representation of its appearance. The stock of this plant is in the hands of Messrs. Carter and Co., of Holborn, who have given it the name of Beaton's Good-Gracious Double Bedding Pansy,

by which appellation we trust it will become as generally known as it deserves. The outer or guard petals of the flowers are about the size of a good Pansy, and the inner gradually diminish towards the centre, forming a double flower. There can be no question that it will form a valuable plant for beds and borders, the more especially as we understand it has proved a profuse bloomer.

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