National Viola and Pansy Society Summer Newsletter July 2000.

Dear members welcome to the second issue of the society's new format newsletter. I was much encouraged by the response to the first issue and so will continue to produce this A4 format at least twice a year. The journal, which will have more information than news, will be in the old style. As every editor does I will make an appeal for articles. The journal is the prime means of communication amongst members and so it would be a great thing if more members contributed, thereby making it a much more representative publication. You need not be worried if you think that you have nothing to say or are a little concerned if you have not done such a thing before. Please get you thoughts, ideas and suggestions down on paper and sent to me by the end of September. Nothing can be considered too trivial. A small appreciation of you favourite viola perhaps, or the sharing of frustration with slugs, weather or the local wildlife.

May I take this opportunity of thanking all of you who have enquired about the state of my wife Christine's recent hip replacement. It was very kind and thoughtful and certainly there have been some hard periods to get through. She is now well on the way to full mobility and I am looking forward to having her working alongside me in the garden once again.

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