Journal Copy

If you are thinking of contributing to the journal, and I hope that you are, I should be most grateful if you could get your copy to me by the first week of September. Remember, nothing is too large or too trivial to be included. Have you put up blooms at you local Show? Have you produced a new seedling? Has it all gone wrong? Whatever, all contributions go to make up a Society journal for the benefit of all the members. You can type, scribble it on an old envelope, or even email it to me (, changing the -at- to @) it as long as you do it. I would love to be able to say in the editorial that I had too much material.

I hope that this little newsletter has done its job of keeping you in touch with the Society. If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas that you think would improve the Society and benefit the membership then do please contact me. In the meantime I hope that your collections grow well.

John Snocken

All correspondence should be addressed to

Mr J Snocken
Hon Secretary N V P S
WVI6 5JT Tel: 01746 766909

E mail (changing the -at- to @)

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