National Viola and Pansy Society Spring Newsletter 2001

The Frost Collection

You will all have read of the passing of Ray Frost in last years journal. I was put in contact with Ray's daughter Janet, who had realised the importance of all the material relating to pansies and violas that filled an old suitcase. The result of a visit north was that I returned with what can only be described as treasure, generously donated. An invaluable slide collection (you can get to see it if you attend the AGM), yearbooks, seedling register and notes. I have also been allowed to make copies of Ray's correspondence with such notable figures as Hugh Campbell and Richard Cawthorne.

We cannot really thank Janet Carter enough for her thoughtfulness and generosity. So much has been lost in the past, and so the signifigance of this collection cannot be underestimated. Already I have been using the material in my reseach for the production of the International Register. A lot of gaps in knowledge have been filled, and a number of misnomers come to light. 1 hope to publish a fuller account in the journal at the end of the year.

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