National Viola and Pansy Society Spring Newsletter 2001

Quite a lot going on for a small society, I think you will agree. However, there is always a need for response from members, and hopefully involvement from one or two more. We need to build for the future so that the Society does not return to the parlous state it reached in the not so distant past. With the AGM, Malvern and the Annual Show there are now greater opportunities for members to meet and get involved. I really look forward to meeting an increasing number of members at these events. If you have any thoughts or ideas then make them known, in this way action is possible.

Finally may I wish all members a good start to a new growing season.

All correspondence should be sent to John Snocken, Hon Sec, NVPS, Cleeway, Fardington, Bridgnorth Shropshire, WV1 6 5JT

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