National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Spring 1996

Welcome to the Spring newsletter, and the start of another growing, and I hope, showing season. Many members who wrote in response to the last edition were kind enough to say that they looked forward to the next. Well, here it is, and I hope that you all find something of interest within.

Although a Florist Society, and therefore concerned with exhibiting, I have noticed that there are a number of members interested in bedding varieties, who do not wish to grow blooms for the show bench. In this, and future issues, I will endearour to include material that reflects such interest.

The centre pages of this journal are reproduced from the Society's Yearbooks of 1921-22 and 1937. Although constituting part of the Society's Library, their rarity and fragile nature make them unsuitable for general loan. However, within the Yearbooks, which range from 1915 to 1958, there are a great many interesting and informative articles. As a number of members expressed an interest, l shall try to include a variety of this material in each subsequent issue. "The Future of the Pansy and Viola" was written in 1921 by the then President. Seventy-five years on, we can see that his predictions on the fate of exhibition pansies and violas were remarkably accurate.

I would very much like to print some articles from the membership. The next newsletter will be put together in September and it would be encouraging to receive anything that would express a point of view other than my own.

John Snocken
Hon Secretary.

Spring 1996

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