National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Spring 1997

Secretary's Notes.

The start of another growing season with a promise of things to come. I have had a busy winter maintaining stock plants and propagating as many varieties as possible, both bedding and exhibition.

I am pleased to report that members who requested plants should receive the varieties that they desire, and that new members may look forward to some vigorous young stock.

Following the success of last year's show, the Council have decided to hold the 1997 event at the same venue. A schedule is included with this journal and there are plenty of classes for novice and experienced growers alike. I should like to see even more members at the show, and blooms on the bench than last year. If you are thinking of showing for the first time, I can assure you of a friendly welcome and help in staging your exhibit.

You will notice that a renewal form is included with this issue. Some members have already sent their subscriptions, thank you. May I remind you, however, that members who joined after the 31st July 1996 do not need to renew until April 1998.

The Society continues to grow and I am heartened that so many members take the trouble to write or telephone; it is delightful to hear from so many of you. There are more contributions from members in this issue than the last. I am sure that it makes for a more interesting read, so once again may I appeal for more.

As a national society which is set in the Midlands, I am well aware of just how important it is to maintain contact with the membership. Please let me know if there is anything that you think might be done to improve the service to members.

Finally, a profound thank-you to two of our members, Harry Culshaw of Wigan and John Warmer of Bridgnorth. Both of these gentlemen returned stocks of plants to the Society when told that propagating material was in short supply. I am pleased to say that their kind gesture has allowed me to build up a dwindling variety into some sound mother plants. The generosity of florists is truly wonderful.

Spring 1997

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