National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Spring 1997

My First Flower Show - Ever !

Although being a relatively new member of the Society, I was encouraged to enter the Annual Show last July. Never having exhibited before, in any Flower Show. 1 was more than a little apprehensive. However, I proceeded to read up all I could on display techniques and find out what equipment would be necessary.

I experimented with a few boxes for single, treble and six exhibits, using guidance from a fellow member and details from Rodney Fuller's book. I also managed to track down some glass tubing for single displays.

I felt out of my depth on how actually to display the Violas and Pansies I had grown. However, on the day I benefited from tips and encouragement from experienced members.

On reflection though, I feel that I would benefit from a practical demonstration and talk on the ways to display exhibits to their best advantage. Comments overheard at the Show reinforced this, as I heard people say that even if a bloom was less than perfect, if it was well presented then this would enhance the effect and perhaps make a difference to the points given by the judge.

I feel sure that there are other members of the Society who would be interested in a demonstration and ultimately this would encourage more people to enter the Annual Show. To this end, with the help of the Secretary, I hope to be able to produce a short video demonstrating the techniques of grooming and showing flowers to best advantage. This should then be available on loan.

John Warmer.

Spring 1997

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