National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Autumn 1997

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Following a local horticultural meeting, where a most enthusiastic speaker talked about Violas and Pansies, we were moved to join the N.V.P.S. in May of 1996.

We started off our collection with six plants from the Society and our enthusiasm has gone from strength to strength. Our collection now amounts to some 40 varieties, albeit some are very tender small cuttings. Although our stock were very limited, we decided to enter the Annual Show in July with encouragement from fellow members. It should be noted that although we are both very keen gardeners, this was to be our very first effort at 'showing'.

We duly arrived at the hall in Harborne and received a very warm welcome from members who were very busy staging their exhibits. They kindly gave us some of their precious time, helping and advising us on how best to display our few exhibits. John had made some display boxes from details in Rodney Fuller's book and we had located some glass tubing.

It was a wonderful day, we made some new friends, and we were delighted with placings in the Novice Class. The crowning glory was that John won the Novice Cup.

Once back home we reflected on the day and decided to concentrate our efforts on building up our stocks during the coming months, in the hope that for the 1997 Show we will have a bigger variety of plants to exhibit.

Special thanks must be extended to Committee Members, Pat and Karl Tipping and John Snocken for all their encouragement and help since we joined the Society.

Janette Warmer.

Spring 1997

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