National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Spring 1999


In 1998 many of you completed a questionnaire regarding the future A.G.M.'s of the Society. There was a distinct move in favour of Saturday at a venue away from Birmingham.

I am pleased to be able to report some positive progress. At this year's A.G.M. held mid-week in Birmingham a motion was passed to the effect from the year 2000 the A.G.M. of the Society should take place at weekends, and at a central venue away from Birmingham,

Plans are already in the pipeline and full details will be sent to all members when they are finalised. At present I can say that in line with the questionnaire returns we are aiming for an afternoon where we can dispatch Society business in an efficient and democratic manner. Added to this will be an opportunity to purchase violas and pansies, share experiences with other growers, learn a little more from a short talk on a related subject, help Society funds with a raffle and depart home after partaking of afternoon tea. The aim of this is to reflect our National status and encourage members from outside the Birmingham area to play a more active role in the running of the Society. To this extent the Society will continue to run with a skeleton committee for this year.

Subscriptions 1999

These are now due. Cheques made payable to National Viola and Pansy Society should be sent to:

Mr. G. Barber
Hon Treasurer N.V.P.S.
27 Tennal Lane,
B32 3BR

The subscription remains at 4 and we trust that members will consider it good value and renew their membership.

Annual Show 1999- Saturday 17th July

Once again St. Johns Church in Harborne, Birmingham will be our venue.

I would like to see as many members as possible attending and preferably showing. Whatever you have in your viola or pansy collection, there is a class for it. If you have not shown before please do come along and put up what you have. You will be given all the help and encouragement you need.

Exhibitors make a show. Do have a look at the schedule and try and make a positive decision to have a go. Turn up with whatever you have vases, tubes and boards will be provided, and you can be sure of a warm welcome.

This is, at present, the one main opportunity to meet other growers. There may be one or two blooms that you consider desirable, and a little discussion may well result in a few plants coming your way.

Please try to make the effort - I am sure that you will find it worthwhile

Finally, we have one new class this year in memory of our late president Tom Pitt. The Tom Pitt Memorial Class calls for a vase of 6 blooms either v. 'Maggie Mott' Maggie Mott or v. 'Rowan Hood' 'Rowan Hood' , or any combination of the two. These were Tom's favourites and it was felt to be a fitting and lasting tribute. His famous silver teapot will be awarded to the winner of this class.

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