[Exhibition] Viola 'Sarah Binnie'

Raiser: Unknown

Year: Post-War but pre-1953

Colour: Heavily striped amethyst and light blue

General: Probably the most desirable of the 'fancy' exhibition violas. Its appearance is always going to draw comment, especially from non-specialists. The cost is that it blooms infrequently and has very ragged edges. A difficult variety to dress well, I have only ever managed to get a 3 board together at one show. I would not advance its case as a vase bloom.

Cultivation : A real test, even for the experienced grower, lank growth which tends to harden early, leading to few cuttings. A mid-season dose of nitrogen does help. For these reasons I do deny requests for plants from the novice growers, who quite understandably want it in their collection. I am working to improve the striped varieties, and I shall be sending seed of the variety 'selfed' to Kees Sahin in Holland to see what progress can be made.

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