National Viola and Pansy Society

Summer Newsletter 2001


The society has produced 2 high quality cards, a small one which shows a single bloom of viola Betty, and a larger which has a specimen plant of violetta Rebecca in full bloom. The cards are blank inside. Those members wishing to purchase cards should send their order details and cheque (see below) to J. Snocken, Cleeway, Eardington, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV 16 5JT

bitmap image

Small card showing Betty priced at 30p each, or 6 for 1.50, including envelopes.

bitmap image

Rebecca, 40p each, or 6 for 2.10, including envelopes

Postage, up to 12 cards add 30p over 12 cards 75p £
Cheques made payable to N V P S please Total £

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