National Viola and Pansy Society

Summer Newsletter 2001

Viola Census

In the last society journal, the late Colin Andrews suggested that a census of all the violas grown by society members would be a valuable exercise. All those with whom I have discussed the topic since have agreed that it should be as soon as possible, thus you will find a form attached. I hope that as many members as possible will take the time to fill it in and return it. By comparing what members grow with what is available in the current edition of the Plantfinder I should be able to pinpoint any varieties that are rare. With so few commercial sources it is important that we keep track of varieties that are good garden plants; it is very easy for a cultivar to just disappear. By completing this census you are not making any commitments to provide plants or cuttings, and I do not intend to publish who is growing what. However, if it should happen that your are growing a rare cultivar then I might just request a cutting or two so that we can spread it around. The old gardening chestnut of the best way to save a plant is to give it away really is quite true. There is no longer a National Collection of the garden varieties, and this is a chance for the Society to do just a little for our plant heritage. I will publish the findings in the autumn journal, and I hope that I might have one or two pleasant surprises to report.

So, please do take the time to complete and return the form Thank you in advance.

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