National Viola and Pansy Society

Summer Newsletter 2001

Malvern Spring Show

Deciding to enter a major horticultural event was a great step forward for our small society, but one that was felt to be needed if the Society was going to progress. However, such a major undertaking can only take place and be successful if it has the backing of a team of dedicated enthusiasts. In this respect the Society was most fortunate for Su and Ian Pickup travelled from Bristol and Ruth and Gerald Barber came in from Harbome to build the society stand and man it during the three days of the show.

The team gathered early evening on the Thursday prior to the opening of the show. With no experience of mounting such a display the society had opted for the smallest possible stand, just 3 metres square. Very soon cloth was pinned to tables, baskets were being filled and the display began to take shape. In order to mount a display not only willing workers but plenty of blooms are required. Su and Ian Pickup arrived with a box full,and plenty of greenery to decorate. It took the best part of four hours to complete, and there was a general feeling of satisfaction at the end result.

Ruth and Gerald Barber were on the stand all day Friday, and reported a very positive response from the many spectatators. The staging equipment that had once belonged to H J Milner was for the first time put to use,and there was much surprise and photography.

There were cards and badges for sale as well a a cultural leaflet for garden violas. Saturday and Sunday were quiet by comparison, but Ian and Su Pickup did sterling work, not least in the miles that they put in to attend. There was a steady stream of questions and interest, some sales and even a couple of new members. Society members who were at the show came and made themselves known. Most important of all is that people stopped and looked and were complimentary about the effort and work that had gone into the stand. This was a quality display that was a credit to the Society and brought our existence to the notice of a much wider public. Without the hard work and commitment of the team it would not have happened, so I finish with a sincere thanks to Su and Ian and Ruth and Gerald for all the hard work

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