Tom Pitt, President of the Society, died in August of this year [1998].

Born in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, Tom moved from the family hardware business to graduate in Mathematics from the University of Bristol. His career with the Inland Revenue took him to various parts of the country, finally settling at Edgbaston, Birmingham. Outside of work his time was divided between the Methodist Church and plants; and both of these were reflected in his artistic work with brush and pen.

Tom came to the Viola and Pansy Society when its fortunes were in decline. A glimpse at the Society's minute books reveals how much time and effort was so freely given. Indeed Tom was in his ninetieth year when he" retired" as both Secretary and Treasurer to become president. He was far from a mere figurehead, attending council meetings and instigating debate. The welfare of the Society was dear to him, and was given voice as he awarded his silver teapot at the Annual Show to those who had contributed to the work of the Society throughout the year. Advice was sought by members, authors and broadcasters, and Tom gave freely of both knowledge and plants; his own particular favourites being Rowan Hood'Rowan Hood' and 'Maggie Mott''Maggie Mott'.

A gentleman in the true sense - he will be greatly missed.

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