National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Autumn/Winter 1999


These were well received by the membership in 1999. Thus our treasurer, Gerald Barber, has once again arranged for printing and distribution of the 2000 Edition. To labour the point the first thing that you may care to note would be the date of the A.G.M.!

E-mail, Internet and Other Monsters.

For so long a confirmed luddite, and proud of it, I have now to admit to a wider public that I have an E-mail address, I do use it, and it has proved remarkably useful.
So you can now contact me thus - [changing the -at- to @ - we have had problems with spammers 'harvesting' addresses from our web site and bombarding us with junk mail]
Already I have received much interesting correspondence, including a lost relative. My conversion of seemingly Paulian proportions has been due to two influences.
First and foremost, I was "logged on" at work. Second Su Floyd, away up in Scotland has beavered away to build a website for violas and pansies and in doing so has encouraged me to embrace the technology.

The website address is: -
Contained herein is a wealth of information which until recently rested dangerously in my head, on scraps of paper or were somewhere between the two. Su had pointed out to me a year ago that so much valuable information had been lost this way, and a website was the greatest way to preserve and communicate.

[While correct when this newsletter was produced in 1999, this is no longer the case - all the 'reference' information has been transferred back to this, the NVPS website]

The result is an already impressive and expanding resource that contains both written and colour photographic material. I was impressed with the reproduction of some of my own photographs. There are 4 pages of history, that is everything I know about such garden varieties that exist, these include colour photographs. If you would like a copy but do not have Internet access a stamped addressed envelope with your request will guarantee a print out.

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