National Viola and Pansy Society Newsletter Autumn/Winter 1999

Plant Distribution 2000

It is with a sense of pride rather than conceit that I mused at the Annual Show the fact that the majority of blooms on display came from plants originating at Cleeway. The demands of conserving, breeding and making varieties available in a labour of love. However, I am not a full time nursery, nor do I have any pretensions on such. Over the past few years many hundreds of plants have gone out, and I am glad that members are able to get hold of the varieties that they desire; the Society benefits financially and so a few more collections are established. All in all a "Good Thing!" For Spring 2000, all new members will receive a small parcel of plants. Those members who have requested specific varieties to fill gaps in their collections, will I hope receive what they desire. In past years I have responded to requests for plants as late as May and June. However, for two reasons I shall be changing this. Firstly, there will be a definite shortage of Fancy Pansies. This is due to the very hot July and August which ripened the plants too early, resulting in very poor cutting material, Show Pansies and most Exhibition Violas are not quite so adversely affected. Secondly, I wish to encourage a good attendance at the A.G.M. (see separate article) and so the spare plants that I have after assuring the stock for the national Collection, will be on sale at that meeting. I have never denied plants to anyone who has requested then save on the grounds that the request was either too late or was for a 'difficult' variety of which I had not any spare. I have not changed my philosophy, I still want more people to grow and cherish these plants. However, I do feel that I need to make the point that Cleeway is not a bottomless reservoir.

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