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This site is dedicated to the history of our four MG's.

 1958 MGA Twin Cam Prototype

    Always registered as PJB 147 in UK. First surviving MGA Twin Cam Prototype.

    Purchased in July 2006, Restoration has begun.

2)1958 MGA Twin Cam YD3/801

    Once Registered EEY 445 in USA, then WAS 152 in UK, now stay tuned

    Purchased in UK 2002, Exported to Perth, W.A. in October 2005

3) 1962 MGA MKII

    Once Registered ??? in USA, then ???, now saftyfast

    Purchased in 1995 and subsequently restored for the 1996 National meeting in Perth, Western Australia.

4) 1967 MGB GT MK I

    Once Registered 6DT 419, now 7MG 003

    Purchased in 1985 and campaigned tirelessly until the arrival of the MGA's.

   Believed to have spent much of its early life in Malaysia.


Both MGA's are Ex USA vehicles, the Twin Cam originating from Georgia and the MKII from California.

Previous history of any of these cars is always most welcome!

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Current Garage

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MGA Deluxe


1958 MGA Twin Cam Prototype 1960 MGA Deluxe - 1st Production car  
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1962 MGA MKII New Twin Cam Project  
Grandfather  (3150 bytes)  
Grandfather T A Hester Special Tuning, Technical and Faulty Parts

Previous Owned Toys

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1990 Mazda MX5 1967 MGB-GT
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1973.5 Porsche 911TE

Who owns this now?

1968 MGB MK II Racer.

Who owns this now?

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5 MGB owned at once what was I thinking !!! 1958 MGA Twin Cam #801
1958 MGA Twin Cam #585  

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