1st 10 MGA Twin Cam's

Including the first three pre production cars

With thanks to

Robin Barker, Roger Martin, Piers Hubbard, Barney Gaylord


Historical Photo's

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Special Production:

EX-182/41 (Works Car)

Built: Unknown 1958

Registration: LBL 304 (21/04/1955 (as pushrod))

Switzerland - Hillclimb at Gaisberg and road race near Zeltweg (which grew into the A1 Ring). More info Here




Possibly Parts from

EX-182/41 were used to build Le Mans SRX 210



Built: Unknown 1958

Registration: Unknown

Believed to be the first LHD car produced.

Little is known of this car, if you can help please contact me  Here

Jim Cox says no such car when I asked him.




YDL 14/499

Built: Unknown 1958

UK Registration: PJB 147 (28 March 1958)

Currently undergoing restoration.

PJB Historical Info here

and here

PJB Restoration photos here

Autosport July 1958

The Chassis 

Collection of 1958 Magazine articles

The Chassis




The start



Built: Unknown 1958

UK Registration: ORX 885 (22 Jan 1958)


More info Here

and Here

Thoroughbred & Classic

March 1987


Silverstone 2005





YD1 501

Built: 24 April 1958

UK Registration: PMO 326 (24 May 1958)


More info Here



Autocar July 1958









YD1 502

Built: 29 May 1958

UK Registration: PMO 325 (24 May 1958)

More info Here and Here

PMO 325 is still owned by the same UK owner since 1983.


Sports Cars Illustrated

September 1958



Safety Fast Feb 1986

Page 29




YD1 503

Built: 12 June 1958

UK Registration: VLP 500 (20 June 1958)




Safety Fast 1962




YD3 504

Built: 09 May 1958







YD3 505

Built: 09 May 1958

505 has recently been located in Australia.


Lime Rock DVD car (possibly 505 or 515). 

Lime Rock Car Perhaps The start


 The start

YD3 506

Built: 06 June 1958



The start

YD3 507

Built: 05 June 1958




 The start





YD3 509

Built: 09 June 1958



Chassis as at 2008





Production Data Source

MGA Register Italy Chassis Register

MGA Register Holland Chassis Register

MGA Twin Cam Register Australia Chassis Register

UK DVLA Online Vehicle License Plate Number Search

MGA Twin Cam Magazine Articles 1958 to 2005 Here

Historical Information on the pre production cars can also be found on Barney Gaylord's site Here


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