Flying Page


Below are bits and bobs about the plane and the group.  First a few photographs!
My kneeboard with all I ever need!

Below are links to commonly used forms and spreadsheets etc.  To download and save locally, right click on the link in question and select "Save Target As" from the right click menu.

ICAO Flight Plan Form  ICAO Flight Plan
Fuel Duty Drawback Form Fuel Duty Drawback Form
GAR UK Customs and Special Branch Form GAR UK Customs & Special Branch Form
Blank Excel spreadsheet Flying Logbook Folding a 1/2 Mill CAA Chart
Going Foreign - notes, checklists and tips Fuel Duty Drawback Advice document
VFR PLOG (calculates drift and groundspeed) Overseas Paperwork - graphical one page checklist
Fax sheet to request PPR for overseas customs Weight & Balance spreadsheet (and other bits)