Air Raid Precautions

London Under Fire

Passed by Censor

"This is a time for everyone to stand together, and hold firm!" - The Prime Minister

Looking Down Ludgate Hill

In London Wall

Fore St

View From High Holborn

New Basinghall Street

Cripplegate Church

"Not Once or twice in our rough island story, the path of duty was the way to glory" - Tennyson

St. Paul's Cathedral from
Cannon Street

From Cannon Street
looking towards Cheapside


London Wall

St. Bride's Church from
New Bridge Street

St. Paul's Cathedral from
Queen Victoria Street

"Let us all strive without failing in faith or in duty." - The Prime Minister

St. Paul's Cathedral from East

Whitecross Street


Moorgate Station

Bow Church from
Bread Street

St. Nicholas Cole Abbey
and St. Paul's

Reproduced from original photographs and postcards by Photochrom Co. Ltd., London and Royal Tunbridge Wells.
The quotations used are on the reverse of the postcards.

Copyright 2002 Peter N. Risbey.