Angus Calder in his book, ‘The People’s War’ states that, "Anyone writing a book of this kind owes an immense debt to those other writers whose work provides facts, arguments or quotations", so it is with this web site.
I have tried, wherever possible, not to include information contained elsewhere on the web but I certainly owe an immense debt to those who have come before me and, either in published or photographic form, tried to capture the feeling and spirit of the war time period on the Home Front.
I know that along the lines I have breached the laws of copyright. I hope that the owners of any copyright material used on this website will forgive me. My purpose in creating this website was, and still is, to tell the children of Britain today of the sacrifices that their grandparents and great-grandparents endured during the period 1939-1945.
In order to partly redress the balance I am publishing a bibliography of some of my sources of information and, like Calder, I would urge the reader/viewer/browser to "explore particular topics further", as well as to explore the authors whose work I have, in some cases, ‘plagiarised’ on this web site.

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Unpublished Sources

Files of the Home Office and Registrars General in the Public Records Office, Kew

HO 213/754
RG 28/40
RG 28/144

To all of the above, grateful acknowledgement is made and appropriate apologies are offered.

Copyright © 2002 Peter N. Risbey.