Cigarette Cards

Collecting and trading cards has always been a popular hobby, particularly amongst young boys. Before the arrival of 'Bubble Gum' and more recently 'Pokemon' cards young boys collected cigarette cards. They were of course dependent on the goodwill of parents and grandparents, older grown up siblings, aunts, uncles and perhaps a kindly neighbour or two, to complete their collections.
In 1938 the usual array of film stars and sportsmen were replaced with cards depicting Air Raid Precautions. W.D. & H.O. Wills and W.A. & A.C. Churchman both produced similar sets. There were 50 cards in the Wills' series, but only 48 in the Churchman's series as these were of a larger format. Albums, costing 1d. (less than p), could be bought into which the cards could be placed.
The series illustrated below is by W.A. & A.C. Churchman.
Air Raid Precautions Title

A series of 48 Cards

Planning a Refuge

Choosing your refuge room

Rendering your refuge room gas-proof

Making a door

Window protection

Window protection against blast

Types of splinter-proof wall

Protecting your windows - a sandbag defence

Equipping your refuge room - A

Equipping your refuge room - B

A garden dug-out

Incendiary Bombs

Incendiary bomb and
its effect

Incendiary bomb
cooling down

Covering of
incendiary bomb

Removal of incendiary bomb with scoop and hoe

Extinction of
incendiary bomb

Fire Fighting

The stirrup hand pump

Two-men portable
manual fire pump in

A chain of buckets

Light trailer fire-pump

Light trailer fire-pump
in action

Medium trailer

Medium trailer
fire-pump in action

Emergency heavy
pump unit

Hose-laying lorry

Gas Attack

The civilian respirator

The civilian respirator -
How to adjust it

The civilian respirator -
How to remove it

The Civilian Duty

The Service respirator

A heavy anti-gas suit

Rubber clothing

Air Raid Warden
and civilian volunteer

Volunteer mobile corps
(owner drivers)

A First Aid party

Supply depot for

Mobile gas vans

Civilian anti-gas school

Testing for gas

workers in training

Air Raid Precautions

Air Defence

Representation of air
defence control room

Pilots running to
machines to take off

Gloucester Gauntlet
interceptor fighters

Representation of
balloon barrage for
defence of London


sound locator

Height finder

Anti-aircraft gun


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