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The Imperial War Museum - the national museum of war and conflict.

Auxunit News. A Record of the Auxiliary Units 1940 - 1944.
This site recounts details of the secret Home Guard Units that would have gone underground in the event of a German invasion of mainland Britain.

The Air War The primary purpose of this site is to show Britain as it once was to those who spent some of the most intense moments of their lives here, but who now find it hard to make the pilgrimage to their old haunts. To those who made, and lost, so many friends.

Allies In War This web site has a special section for all United Kingdom girls who married allied servicemen stationed in Great Britain, there are also other links relating to world war one & two.

The most comprehensive website that is a learning curve to all those who need to know about how Londoners lived and survived during the "Blitz". But it was just not London that suffered, what you see on this website could easily be Coventry, Liverpool, Southampton, Plymouth, Manchester or Birmingham.
'The Blitz of 1940 on line' is part of the Battle of Britain Net the biggest educational website on the greatest historical event in modern history. The "Battle of Britain Historical Society" presents an online educational tool that will assist in keeping alive the memory the greatest event in modern history......"The Battle of Britain"

This feature on Canadian Fire Fighters in England during WW II is in recognition of the men and women who contributed to the war effort in the Corps of Canadian Fire Fighters in England.

Firefighting during the Blitz in London  An article on an American site about the London Blitz and is dedicated to the firemen and firewomen who fought and died in the Blitz. This site also links to 'Firefighter's Real Stories.'

The Home Guard
The History of the Home Guard.
This site also links to the 'CHATHAM HOME GUARD Living History Group.'

Home Sweet Home Front  This website goes some way to give insight into what it was like for the heroes and heroines of the British Home Front during World War Two.

British Home Front Propaganda Posters

A local history site detailing the activities of the AFS/NFS in Horsham, East Sussex, England during World War 2.

The Kevin Morrison Collection at the Glasgow Caledonian University Library is centered on the Second World War, with an emphasis on the social implications of a whole range of Home Front activities. See this site for a complete listing of the collection.

The Second World War Experience Centre created to save a crucial part of our heritage.

The worst bombing incident in the north east of England during World War II.

Ramsbury's Home Front This web site is devoted to the village of Ramsbury, Wiltshire, England, it's airfield and the surrounding area during World War Two.

The Forgotten Heroes A developing site primarily made to collect and display the memories of those who lived within a 40 mile radius of Chippenham, Wiltshire during the Second World War. Experiences from further a field will also be welcomed.

World War II, a British focusA British focus on World War II

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