Daily Express 4/12/1944


Express Staff Reporter

King's Badge 'For Loyal Service'

The King's Badge - a round silver badge, with the words "For Loyal Service - is to be awarded to members of the Home Guard who have been discharged through injury from war service, it is officially announced this morning.
Police and members of the Civil Defence Services are also eligible.
The badge has hitherto gone to those invalided on pension from the Armed Forces and the Merchant Navy and fishing fleets through wounds or war disablement attributable to service since September 3, 1939.
In future, officers and ratings discharged from the Merchant Navy pool because of disablement due to service, and carrying workmen's compensation or similar payments will also be eligible for the badge.
Members of the Coastguard will also be able to qualify.

Staff Reporter; Daily Express, Monday, December 4, 1944; London Express Newspapers:London

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