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To save those who are regular visitors to this site, and there are one or two of you, searching for all the changes, I have created this page just for you.

Update 27th April 2003

  1. National Registration: Following research at the Public Records Office, Kew, general updates and modifications to this page.
  2. National Registration: Addition of example of Identity Card Type NR 107A - A three panelled card issued to certain employees of public utility undertakings; to members of the Civil Defence Reserve and the Civil Defence General Services (Wardens, First Aid Post, Rescue, Ambulance, Gas Identification, Decontamination, Messenger and Report and Control Centre Services); to members of the National Fire Service; to certain officers commissioned for service with the Air Training Corps.
  3. Rationing: Addition of 1940s humorous post card to title page

Update 4th January 2003

  1. Air Raid Precautions: A further purchase of some "Photochrom" postcards and photos in the wartime "London Under Fire" series can be viewed from "The Blitz" page, or from the index page of "Air Raid Precautions".
  2. Events on the Home Front: Addition of a WW2 Timeline - Events which would have affected life on the Home Front, with links to articles on site.

Update 3rd November 2002

  1. Air Raid Precautions -
  • The Blitz: Text extended to show appreciation that London was not the only town/city to suffer badly during the war. Kingston upon Hull is specifically mentioned which may be the subject of a later update.
  • A recent purchase of some "Photochrom" postcards in the wartime "London Under Fire" series can be viewed from "The Blitz" page, or from the index page of "Air Raid Precautions".

    Update 22nd June 2002

    1. New section on Observer Corps/Royal Observer Corps added.

    Updates between 6thand 13th April 2002

    1. Corrected/updated information in National Registration regarding May 1943 issue of Identity Cards.
    2. Added link to information about 'shrapnel' from Fire Services 'Baptism by Fire' page.
    3. Added link to information about 'incendiary bombs' from Fire Services 'The Bombs They Used' page.
    4. Added details of my own collection of 'Home Front' items.
      The lists of the collection can be accessed from the 'Site Index'. NOT from the 'Midnight Watch' index.
    5. Added new section on V-1s and V-2s 'Vergeltungswaffen'.
    6. Added page of Death and Injury statistics to Air Raid Precautions section.
    7. Added to 'Food Facts' and 'Make Do and Mend' in 'Rationing'.
    8. Expanded information on 'Overseas Evacuation' in Evacuation section.
    Updates 24th February 2002
    1. Added Mary's Story to Women's Land Army Section.
    2. Added Vicky's Story to Women in the Auxiliary Services.
    3. Home Front Links - Repaired broken links to 'Blitz on-line' and 'Propaganda Posters'. Sadly the '' site no longer exists.
    Updates 6th October 2001
    1. The Photo Gallery has disappeared!
      All of the photos are still included but now in the relevant subject area. I was also aware that they took a long time to load, they now appear as thumbnails. The original large picture is available by clicking on the thumbnail.
    2. Women in War
      Something I had been meaning to do for a long time. The Role of Women on the Home Front and in the Services. There were a number of photographs in the Photo Gallery but no accompanying text apart from a few captions to the photographs. I have greatly extended this section which still includes the role of the WVS.
      There are now three pages on the 'Women's Land Army' ... I hope Mary likes the poem on the second page ... No, it is not mine, but was written during WWII.
      Finally in this section, the beginnings of a tribute to the ladies who entertained the lads in WW2. If all has gone well you should hear Vera Lynn - if not, then just read the words.
    3. Cigarette Cards
      Again a very slow loading section, so the pictures have been reduced to thumbnails. Clicking on the thumbnail will open a large version of the Cigarette Card and as a' bonus' the text from the back of the card is available alongside.
    4. Rationing
      Another slow loading section, thanks to the 'food facts' and 'make-do and mend' tips. Originals have been reduced to thumbnails, if you would like to look at individual recipes/ hints then click on the thumbnail and hopefully the full size picture should now be of a readable size.
    5. Other Changes
      There are a number of minor changes around the site as I am constantly tinkering:
      • All subjects of more than 1 page now have their own index. You should be able to jump to any page from the subject index and get back to the subject index from any page within the subject.
      • The font I am using in the main is 'Comic Sans MS' as I like it and it is fairly easy to read. Headings should be in 'Lucida Calligraphy' and captions in 'Arial (bold)'.
    6. Copyright
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      Please do not reproduce the pages in part, or in whole, elsewhere on the net. I have tried not to use any text or pictures already available on the net.
      Most of the photographs on this site are copyright to someone other than me. I have tried not to use any photographs where I know who the copyright holder is. I have several hundred photographs I will not use for copyright reasons.
      Documents displayed are scans of originals from my own collection.
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