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Puppy Farming first came into existence in the 1980's via grants to farmers in Wales. MAFF, as it was then known, encouraged farmers to apply for these grants and to diversify, to supplement the low prices being paid for milk quotas. The result of this criminal funding of people to breed indiscriminately and without any thought or welfare standards for the breeding bitches and the puppies they produced, is still will us today. As if this was/is not enough, the Welsh Assembly, is offering more support through Farming Connect! In the shape of a diversification grant (Farm Enterprise Grant) FEG! Any Welsh Farmer with a holding number, who can meet the criteria in hours per annum (550) working on a agricultural based activity. 

So with the help of the Welsh Assembly we are about to turn this century into the horrors of the previous one, for dogs and puppies alike.  The Welsh Assembly would seem to see it as fit, to allow grants to farmers - so they can KEEP AND BREED EVEN MORE PUPPIES!! To make a mistake once is bad enough - to go back and repeat it - is sheer and utter lunacy.

What we cannot stress enough, is that most of these puppies will end up being sold to the 



This is what it is all about - little puppies being purchased and sold by anyone  from licensed and (unlicensed premises) - the profits are worth the risk.  They sell these puppies  from their barns, outbuildings, sheds, front rooms etc etc. If they can make a sale and get away with it they will continue to do so.  If you keep purchasing the puppies the trade will continue...

Thousands and thousands of them every day, every week, every month every year, end up for sale in shops hundreds of miles from where they were born.  Little puppies 5 weeks old, on show and for sale in the shops!!  It is horribly horribly wrong.  What is even worse, is that this is a consumer driven trade.  If 'YOU' did not buy them - the TRADE would no longer exist.

Last week a 6 week old puppy was taken back to the pet shop from where it was purchased. It had Hip Dysplasia.  There are several concerns here - and they ALL concern the poor puppy.

What will happen to it?

Why are puppies with HD being born, and then sold?

HD is hereditary so somewhere in the line (i.e. the puppies family) there is HD.

HD should be tested for (hip scored) and any dog with over the 'score' results for that particular breed 
should not be used to breed from.

The chances for this little puppy are not good.  That he is showing signs of HD at 6 weeks of age does not 
make his chances of living long, very high.  He will be in pain.  Then again the 'pet shop' concerned might 
 just decide he is a 'risk' not worth taking, and decide to end his days....  

Six weeks old - and already the writing is on the wall. 

Welcome to the reality of the PET SHOP TRADE

Please heed this advise before you purchase any puppy

Remember Puppy Farming is happening every day.  Not just in Wales, but in England Scotland and Ireland.
In fact many of the puppies bred here in the UK - will be exported overseas.
Many die before they reach the outlets here in the UK.  Imagine the horrors of being flown thousands of miles....


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