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Have you ever bought  a Bichon Frise from a pet shop? When you walked
into the shop were you spoilt for choice making it difficult to decide  'which one to buy'?
So many choices - and all as lovely as each other...

Can you remember the day you bought your puppy?  Did it feel all warm
and cuddly in your arms?  The pleasure of choosing and holding your puppy
for the first time almost  makes you want to cry - there is so much love and joy in that moment for both you and the puppy.

This poor dog was once a puppy. Sadly, she has never known any of that love.  For this is a breeding machine. The  puppy that you bought from the pet shop came from a dog like this...  She is just one of the thousands born and trapped in the cruel World of Puppy-Farming!

This little girl is one of the 'lucky one's.  She has been rescued. The Bichon
Frise Rescue Have cleaned her up, a lot. You really wouldn't want to see 
what she was like when she was taken from the puppy farmer and she is in much better condition than most of them were.

(This is Chas - who came from a Puppy Farm In Ireland)
by the age of six months he had already had 3 homes.

Before you purchase any puppy STOP and think about where
  it might have been bred!
  Look at that poor breeding bitch - should she really have
  had to suffer, so that puppy farmers can make a good living
  and you can walk into a pet shop and buy a puppy. Only
you can answer that.

Here's a typical true story:

We recently bought a bichon puppy for 400
out of our local paper from a Mrs X.

She told us that her local friend had breed them but now has cancer so can't sell them herself.  She said she would post the pedigree papers on.

When we received the papers they say the pup  came from a Mrs Y in Wales.

Our vet tells us that this is probably a puppy farm and that the  pup has
 eye defects and is only partially sighted.

The person we brought her from says that she will refund our money
 (but not the travel or vet costs) if we return her today! She will then just sell 
her again.

What can we do? We love this puppy and can't bear the thought of it going back again to the same liar to be sold again.


There are of course legal positions on this :

You can indeed take the pup back and demand a full refund,

You can write a letter asking for compensation for vets fees, travel costs and
heartache. Will you get satisfaction - very unlikely!

You SHOULD complain to the Trading Standards people in the area where 
the pup was sold. They will no doubt already have a large file.

Since there are usually multiple breeds being sold - if you consider that the place you bought the pup from was overcrowded, dirty etc you should  complain to the local authorities and ask whether the property is licensed
for that trade and when it was last inspected.

However many people do of course keep the pup and pay the vet bills and give it what it has never had - LOVE - and that's how these dealers in dogs manage to keep in business.

All of the above information has been taken from the Bichon Frise Rescue web site. Hope-UK ' thanks them' for allowing us to use it. The photographs are the property of the Bichon Frise Rescue.

We totally endorse what they say - STAY AWAY from the pet shops and commercial outlets.  Never buy a puppy from a 3rd party.  If you cannot see the puppy with the mother walk away.  

If you would like more information about adopting a rescue Bichon 
  or help with locating a breeder via the proper channels
  then please contact them

(click on image to enter web site)

If you have purchased a puppy from a retail outlet and the puppy has been
ill or died then please report this to Trading Standards.

Trading Standards can act - but first they need the information.

Click the here for the online trading standards web site. This website is a 
a free online service, which allows you to make a consumer complaint to
your local Trading Standards Service concerning any consumer problem
you feel should be investigated or where you need advice.
By using this service you will receive free professional assistance with regard
to your problem. You will also be protecting other consumers and helping
to improve standards of trade.

To make a complaint, or request advice about your consumer problem,
please use there secure online form to send details.

The information you provide will be treated as private and confidential.
For more information on there privacy policy click here.

Once submitted, receipt of your complaint or enquiry will be confirmed by
email. It will then be sent to your local Trading Standards Authority who
will give you assistance by contacting you directly.

If you know of someone who has purchased a puppy (any breed) and it has become ill or died then please point them in the right direction.  Do not let these breeders and dealers get away with letting dogs suffer and selling sickly puppies.



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