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The block advertisement reads German Shepherds £200, Shih Tzus £225, Cocker Spaniels £225, Labradors Black/Yellow £175, Westies £250, Pomeranians £175, Jack Russell's £120, Border Collies £120, Golden Retrievers £200, Rottweilers £300 in a weekly free ad paper together with a land line and mobile telephone number.

Sometimes the adverts appear in the pets for sale column in local papers also but with just one breed of puppy advertised and different telephone numbers used. This ploy is often used by multi-puppy traders to confuse prospective purchasers into thinking they are the breeders of the puppy they are selling.

This advertiser has a trade name but no Pet Shop License to `buy in’ and sell puppies to the general public. A legal requirement for anyone who operates a business of buying in puppies to re-sell. However this business, has operated illegally for the past year with both the local Councils Environmental Health Department and Trading Standards knowledge.

The trader is not new to the puppy trade having operated the business (with a license) for years prior to serving a prison sentence for the fraudulent use of cheques resulting in a prison sentence. On release continued trading in puppies, this time, illegally.

It is not the first time attention has been drawn to this individual who has purchased puppies from puppy farmers/breeders in Scotland, Wales, N Ireland and Eire. In 1994 a TV documentary called Damned Dogs BBC East focused on the activities of the puppy trade. Highlighting the plight of the puppies bred in S Ireland, (sold with Irish Kennel Club registration documentation) to agents and then sold on again to this trader.

Features also appeared in the Daily and Sunday Mail exposing the puppy farm trade in Eire and its connection with this outlet. The expose` resulted in Rynair, the carrier of the puppies to cease its connection with the trader and halt the transportation of puppies to and from Eire.

The graphic exposure of dogs on a puppy farm in Eire, confined in boxes hanging on walls in a pigsty. The only visible part of the dog was its nose, a small hole just large enough for the animal to get air but no daylight, exercise or freedom. The food source was a sheep’s head cooking in a large urn. This is just one example of the puppy trade.

Another showed a breeding bitch, a Labrador with hanging teats from consistent over-breeding. All denied any connection with the Pet Shop Trade in England and this traders outlet in Essex but the Irish Kennel Club documentation and the proof of sale from the retail out-let proved otherwise.

Both the Council in the area responsible for this trader and Essex Trading Standards have knowledge of the retail outlet through dissatisfied purchasers of puppies in the past. These are just  some of the MANY complaints.

Cocker Spaniel bred in Aberdeenshire died age age 84 days. The Vet was contacted because of the puppies runny nose and constant diarrhea, at first distemper was thought to be the root of the problem. After the puppies death, The Canine Infectious Disease Research Unit autopsy confirmed acute hemorrhage and exudative pneumonia. The puppy was Kennel Club Registered

German Shepherd sold at 11 weeks by the retail outlet, bred in N Ireland, sold with a pedigree only but giving name and address of breeder. The puppy had severe diarrhea, a skin condition and later developed hip problems diagnosed by an X ray.

Bearded Collie puppy bred by the same breeder as above from N Ireland, sold with pedigree only. The purchaser contacted the retail outlet soon after arriving home as the puppy was quite, was advised not too be concerned. The puppy developed diarrhea; purchaser took puppy to Vets placed on a drip, sample sent to Grange Laboratories Ltd, West Yorkshire. The puppy was put to sleep to save further suffering, suspected parvo-virus.

Cavalier King Charles puppy sold with pedigree and K C Registered. Severe behavior problems and very nervous.

German Shepherd bred in Wales, sold with pedigree only, puppy was KC Reg but purchaser did not receive documentation. Puppy taken to Vets soon after purchase suffering with diarrhea placed on drip, recovered but still receiving treatment two months later with mange.

Rottweiler puppy bred in Wales and sold with pedigree only. The puppy became sick and suffered diarrhea within 12 hours of purchase. Vet diagnosed gastro-enteritis but added that the puppy was thin and undernourished.

Yorkshire Terrier puppy sold with pedigree only which did not coincide with the date of birth given by the retailer.

The purchaser took advice from 3 different Vets. They diagnosed Ringworm; bite wounds on both ear flaps, scabby itchy skin with excessive dandruff, fleas, lice (Trichodectes canis) and excessive mange – susceptive sarcops and ear mites.

Cocker Spaniel sold without paperwork. The puppy became aggressive and very dominant as it matured.

Samoyed puppy purchased without incorrect paperwork, this was later sent to the purchaser direct from the agent in Ireland acting on behalf of the retail outlet. The puppy was bred in Eire with Irish Kennel Club Registration documentation. The puppy was diagnosed by the purchasers Vet as underweight and suffering from gastro-enteritis. The puppy grew to be very aggressive, the owner took advise from a Qualified Animal Behaviorist who thought he was getting worse as he developed and thought euthanasia maybe the only option, as he may bite. The owner decided to take him to Battersea Dogs Home, they confirmed they had two other young Samoyed also bred in Ireland

Retriever Labrador purchased with pedigree and Irish Kennel Club Registration Certificate. The puppy had a productive cough on purchase, diarrhea and sickness followed within a day of purchase. The puppy was taken to Vets by the purchaser and died within 6 days of possible parvo-virus. The purchaser was advised by the Vet to burn all bedding etc.

Shih Tzu puppy. The purchaser had asked for a male puppy and was sold a female puppy with a hernia! The puppy brought up live worms, had skin problems and ear infections.

The puppy was bred in Eire and sold with Irish Kennel Club Registration Documentation and pedigree.

West Highland Terrier sold with Irish Kennel Club Registration and Pedigree. The purchaser was told that the puppy was a little drowsy because the trader had just picked them up from the airport, stating they had been drugged for the journey and were sleeping it off! The purchaser accepted the explanation, brought the puppy home, still very sleepy. The following day motions were bloody and the puppy was vomiting worms, puppy taken to the Vet treatment given and continued through the following months. During this time the puppy became very ill it was thought he may have Hepatitis B. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons took blood tests and confirmed the puppy had the highest ammonia levels the college had ever seen, the diagnosis was liver shunt. The puppy was put to sleep to save further suffering.

Labrador Retriever the puppy was sold with a pedigree only but was bred in Ireland. The puppy was full of worms and for a week after purchase vomited huge amounts like spaghetti. The puppy grew to be quite aggressive and dominant in behavior.

Cocker Spaniel puppy was sold with false paper work, which was sent on by the retailer, it related to a Labrador Retriever, bred in Eire. The purchaser eventually received the correct paperwork after contacting the Irish Kennel Club. The puppy was sold with a form of mange and developed severe behavior problems and would attack everything within the home that made a noise.

These are just a few  example of the puppies sold from this retail outlet and the suffering that these puppies have to endure.  This article also highlights the problems and the costs created for the purchasers, who unwittingly purchase a sickly puppy.

The local Council will undoubtedly suggest to this retailer that they apply for a Pet Shop License to allow them to trade legally. If they refuse the retailer has the option to take the Council to Court.

The question I would like to ask is why they have not prosecuted this trader who for the past year has operated illegally?

The selling of puppies from a third party should not be encouraged and condoned. The suffering of the breeding bitches and the puppies on puppy farms and sold onto dealers and traders is a clandestine trade that needs to be halted at every opportunity.

Write to your MP to ask why Councils are so weak on this issue and do not prosecute but take the easier option – issue a License stating that it gives them right of entry at any time, together with a Vet.

All these cases above occurred whilst the premises were Licensed and visited by a Vet and were regularly inspected by Council Environmental Health Officers.

At the same time Essex Trading Standards once viewed the puppy farm trade seriously enough to make it their years project. Together with other contributors a leaflet was printed warning of the hazards of puppy purchase. 
Perhaps other Councils - your Council could do the same..

If you have purchased a puppy from a retail outlet that has been ill or sadly died then please let us know!





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